Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Favorite Field Trips

Field trips add something special to well crafted lesson plans.  For history, they can help a child recognize that the people or event really happened.  For science, a field trip may help a student understand a concept or apply a theory better.

So, today, we are asking: What was your favorite field trip?

Jessica ~ Our favorite field trip was to the Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City. We were studying the same time period in history so the children were even more interested than they would have been otherwise. We have never had a field trip we didn't love, but those that are closest to things we are working on are always the "meatiest" in terms of take-away value.

Beth ~ At the time, I didn't really consider this a field trip per se. But it was! We were in a transitional time and so we did a lot of education on the go! When we first moved to Hawaii, we got to visit the Waikiki Aquarium. This is a link to my post which has pics and info about our visit, but is actually a science experiment post!

Dorie ~ Our field trips are always a highlight of our school year. We look forward to the planned time of hands on learning and personal observations. Even just seeing a historical location in person puts a more personal spin on what we are learning. However, one of the best for all of us was an unplanned day. In September, we went camping for a weekend and ended up with a surprise field trip as we covered history, geography, and science in one day. The children navigated our hike, we observed flora and fauna, elevation, rock formation and erosion, evidence of glaciers, and even learned about the CCC.

Now we are wondering, what was your favorite field trip?

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