Have you been homeschooling for awhile, but feel like you could use a little encouragement?  We know how you feel.  Perhaps a few of these articles will help.

Maybe you are having a hard day {or season} of homeschooling...
The Other Option
The Power of Flexibility
Schooling Amidst a Crisis
When Something Is Not Working
Room for Improvement
Doing It All
Amidst Chaos...
Five Mistakes from Our Homeschool Journey

Maybe you are feeling discouraged...
Combatting Self-Criticism
When You Are Ready to Give Up
Mid-Year Discouragement
Feeling Inadequate
Beating the Homeschool Blues

Maybe others are discouraging you...
Combatting Criticism: The Art of Shrugging
When People Don't Understand
When Opposition Comes

Maybe you want to encourage another...
Combatting a Critical Spirit

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