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We are growing together...

We're 8 women called to homeschool our children in some capacity. Most of us are pretty new to it all and are still fumbling about, but we're excited to share our experiences with you. You'll find us an eclectic bunch, which means there's a little bit for everyone! Read on to find out more about us as individuals, as we look forward to getting to know you as well.

Ralene-The Military Writer

Born a military brat, it should be no surprise that I married an Army soldier eight years ago. Today, boring is an unrecognizable term in my vocabulary. With two feisty daughters and a baby boy, my days as a stay-at-home mom are full of fun, love, and never-ending energy (at least on the part of the kids). This year will be our first official year homeschooling. Both girls are in Kindergarten and anxious to learn--they wouldn't even let us take a summer break!

I also aspire to be a published author and spends many of my evenings plugged into my laptop, cranking out stories of suspense where the light pierces the darkness. Each night, though, I take the time to thank my Lord and Savior, not just for the blessings of a wonderful family and a passion for the ministry He's given me, but for the precious gift of life--something I know not to take for granted. You can also find me at: www.raleneburke.com and www.wivesoffaith.org

Jessica-The Homeschool Convert

I'm Jessica and I love to run, overuse the word 'awesome' and can be a bit much in person. I've been married for 14 years to a man of wisdom and humor. Together we are raising our two sons (ages eleven and nine) and one daughter (age seven). The decision to homeschool came as a surprise for our family and it's been the best risk we have ever taken. I blog about being a farmer's wife, a mother, and a homeschooling family at closeenoughblog.com. My best is never perfect but it's close enough for me!

Marla-The Expat and Pre-K/Disability Specialist

Marla is blessed to be the stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of two beautiful little girls, a preschooler and an infant. She has a background in education and taught young children in a private daycare setting, special education in the public schools, and children of all ages through one-on-one tutoring. Marla and her family currently live in Zambia and she blogs about homeschooling at marlasmotherhoodmusings.blogspot.com and about living in Zambia at ourlifeinlusaka.blogspot.com/.

Sam- The Perfectionist with a Large Family

Sam is very happily married to her high school sweetheart, who became a preacher. She was reluctant to homeschool her six blessings, but now can't imagine choosing another path. You can find her at her blog, Sam's Noggin, Facebook, or Twitter- where she likes to gab about homeschooling, weight loss success, Bible reading, taking pictures, and organization.

Aurie-The Crafty Mama

My name is Aurie Good. My husband {Ken} and I have been married for 8 years, and we have 2 girls: Sophie age 3, and Isabelle age 19 months. I juggle laundry, diapers, dishes and ironing along with lots of love and laughter. We strive to live simply, love deeply, and spread the blessings that we have been given to others.

I am a newbie homeschooler and will be starting preschool with Sophie in the fall. I never thought that I would want to homeschool, but a seed that was planted months ago began to grow and grow. We are going to take this year by year and will evaluate each year if this is still the right choice for us and for the girls. You can find her over at her family blog, Welcome to Our Good Life

Tracy-The Innovative Homeschooler

Tracy is living her dream. She is the wife of an associate pastor and the mother of two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. God has unusually prepared her for the homeschool journey she is presently on. Having been homeschooled from the 2nd grade through high school, she went on to attend Pensacola Christian College, home to the A Beka Book curriculum. After graduating with a degree in writing, she taught for a few years as a member of the college writing faculty and as an assistant instructor for the college yearbook. When her son was born, she transferred to a part-time position, writing and editing for the textbooks that once schooled her—A Beka Book.

Now she is thrilled to be launching out on the new journey of Homeschool Mom. You can follow her journey on her two blogs: Growing in Grace (a homeschool journey of grace) and Homekeepers (helping women find success and satisfaction in the home).

Beth- The Disciple/Teacher

Hi! My name is Beth!  I am a God lover, Army wife, and stay-at-home mommy to four busy little children!  We have two boys age 6 and 1, and twin girls, age 3. This past year was our first year to homeschool our oldest who was at the kindergarten level.  Before having children, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  I have taught 6th grade Science and 6th/7th grade Language Arts.  Now I get to put my degree to use in our home!   Our goal as a homeschooling family is to integrate education in as much of our daily life as possible.  On a more personal note, I love to study God’s Word, as well as read and write when I find the time. You can also find me at www.wivesoffaith.org, http://bethlisteningtohim.blogspot.com, and http://thestoriesiread.blogspot.com.  

Dorie and her husband, Jerry, are blessed with four children. When their first child was 18 months old, they first heard about homeschooling from a friend. Honestly, their first thoughts were “Is that really legal?” and “Why would anyone want to do that?” Over the following couple of years, God turned their hearts inside out and upside down. Their family increased, and when their oldest was still a preschooler, they began to homeschool him. Today, all four children have always been homeschooled. Dorie shares her family's homeschooling journey at Homeschooling Just Next Door, and blogs at These Grace Filled Days where she shares about faith, family, and life.
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