Friday, November 2, 2012

What I Wish I Knew

Earlier this week, Dorie posted about the 5 things she wishes she had known before she started homeschooling.  Today, I am excited to share my 5 things.

1. You can never be fully prepared (but that is ok).  Before I started teaching my girls at home, I assumed that I was completely ready for the challenge.  After all, I use to be a teacher.  My career was teaching children!  As it has turned out, I don't know everything that I thought I knew, but that is fine.  I am learning as we go.

2. It is ok to ask for help.  You don't have to be Supermom (as much as I want to be, I can't!).  You can ask for teaching/parenting ideas from others and doing so does not make you a bad mom!  

3. Homeschooling is popular!  Before we started homeschooling, I thought only weird people did it.  I have since learned that a lot of really cool people homeschool their children!

4. Homeschooling is not an all-or-nothing decision.  You can homeschool for part of a child's education and do public/private schools other years.  You can enroll your child in a private school that allows partial homeschooling.  Currently, my daughter attends Pre-K in the mornings (primarily for social development) and we do academics at home in the afternoons.  Even though she goes to a school, I still consider us to be homeschoolers.

5.  And, lastly (and most importantly), homeschooling is fun!  It is really fun to watch your children learn every day.  I knew that I would like teaching my girls, but I had no idea how much I would like it.  Seeing them learn new things is so cool!  I feel so blessed that I get to teach my girls!  

What do you wish you had known before you started homeschooling?

Marla is a former special education teacher and current PhD student and stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of two little girls (ages 2 and 4).  She blogs about homeschooling at Marla's Motherhood Musings and her family's experiences living in Zambia at Our Life in Lusaka.

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