Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeschoolers

Looking for gift ideas for a homeschooling family you know?
Perhaps one of these 10 categories will help.

Or, maybe you have been directed here by a loved one, like your daughter-in-law. {Hi Ma! Just a shout out to my mother-in-law.}

Either way, read on for homeschool gift ideas. All items on the listing have been chosen for their potential educational value.

Books - Always a great place to start for the homeschooling family you know. The possibilities are endless with categories of all sorts to ponder. A few more specific ideas might be
  • classical literature {Some books never go out of style. One online listing of classics is found here.}
  • audio books {Jim Weiss has numerous titles available and his audio CDs are a favorite among homeschoolers.}
  • nonfiction selections {Usborne, DK, and Kingfisher are some publishers to check out.}

Games - Most games have at least some educational value to them.
Movies -
  • classic movies
  • musicals on film
  • documentaries and educational {Some documentaries can become family favorites. I'll readily admit when my oldest was four, he was given two videos, and  I thought, really? However, over the years they have become favorites of all our children. What are they? The Living Desert and Play Along Games and Songs}
  • biographies and true stories
  • Netflix {Don't know which movie would work the best? Give a subscription.}
Toys -
  • building toys
  • marble mazes
  • buildings {Castles and farms are two ideas.} 
  • train sets
  • household toys {Kitchen sets, tea sets, tool sets and the like are fun for younger children.}
  • puzzles {Ravensburger and Melissa & Doug offer great puzzles.}

Science Kits -

Models & Craft Kits -
  • Solar System {for the one who loves the stars - these can usually be found at craft stores and online}
  • Moon {Moon in My Room illuminates the various phases of the moon by remote.}
  • dinosaur bones {for the budding archaeologist - find one here and here}
  • robot kits {find one here and here}
  • transportation vehicles {cars and planes}
  • weaving looms
  • knitting, crocheting, and sewing kits

Memberships - Family memberships can be a gift that keeps giving.
  • museums
  • State parks
  • zoo
  • public gardens

Educational Supplies -
  • globes and maps
  • backpacks {Even homeschoolers cart books to and fro places.}
  • pencils and pens {Most children like stylish pens and pencils, and they make great stocking stuffers.}
  • erasers {Find one in the shape of a favorite character.}
  • posters {Gear it toward their upcoming lessons or interests.}

Technology - In today's age, technology can be a huge blessing. Just be sure to check with the parents for what is acceptable in their family.
  • graphing calculators
  • e-readers
  • digital cameras
  • musical devices
  • cell phones
  • internet access
  • notebooks
  • lap tops

Time - The best gift of all may just be you! Giving of your time and talents will be greatly appreciated by your loved ones.
  • volunteer at the co-op {teach one class, be a guest speaker, help as an assistant even for just one day}
  • field trips {plan one, take the children for a day out, or offer to go along}
  • read with a child {Select some of your personal favorite children's books to share. Read aloud to them, or have them read aloud to you.}
  • bake or cook a meal together
  • tend a garden together {plant, water, weed, harvest, shell peas, or can fresh vegetables}
  • pick fruit together {maybe make jam or juice with the fruit}
  • sew, knit, or crochet
  • build something {A birdhouse, rabbit cage, or mailbox could be a useful construction project.}

No matter what you give this year or in the years to come, your sincere desire to help, support, and encourage a homeschooling family is the greatest gift you can give.


Dorie and her drummer husband, Jerry, began their homeschooling journey over ten years ago. Currently, they home educate four children ranging from early elementary to high school. Dorie can be found at Homeschooling Just Next Door, Facebook, or Pinterest.

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