Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easy Preschool Science Activities

Preschool is all about discovery - and preschool science should be all about hands-on fun!  Here are a few simple ideas for science lessons with your preschooler.

Plant a Seed.

Learning the cycle of a plant and what it needs to grow is a great activity.  How many preschoolers don't love dirt? Even my little princess does.  Planting the seed into soil, making sure it has water and sunlight, and watching it grow make for wonderful hands-on learning.

Play with water.

Provide your preschooler with a variety of containers and water to fill them with.  Talk about how the same amount of water fits into different sizes and shapes of containers.  Test which kinds of things sink or float.  This is an especially fun activity if you aren't worried about spilling, so in the yard with a bathing suit and garden hose or in your own tub are the best places.

Bake together.

Measuring and mixing, feeling different textures and experiencing different smells - everything that happens in the kitchen can be an experiment!  Watching something change from liquid to solid while baking or seeing it change shape (like rising bread dough) are amazing to preschoolers.  The kitchen is a great place to learn about food and nutrition sciences.

Make a "ME."

Ask your child to lay on a piece of butcher paper.  Trace a life-size outline of your preschooler, and have fun adding different body parts.  As you draw, you can talk about the five senses, your lungs, heart and stomach and how your body grows.

Take a Nature Walk.

Your science lessons do not need to be complicated or even planned in advance.  A walk in the park or a field will afford opportunities galore to fill your little one's inquiring mind with insect, plant and natural world science.

What simple activities have helped your preschoolers learn and experience scientific ideas?

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