Friday, September 14, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Favorite Resources

You know you have a favorite!  Not all were created equally.  There is one, or maybe two, which you just love to pieces, and maybe more than all the rest.  They make your days easier.  They help your schedule run smoother.  Or maybe they just hold everything in its place for you.    Ah, come on admit it, you have a favorite resource.  Today, we are sharing a few of our favorite homeschool resources...

Sam - My favorite resource this year is the simple - yet wonderful app Homeschool Helper!  It is now available for Android phones as well as the iPad, and it is only $4.99.  I have been sharing it with everyone.

Beth - Hands down my favorite resource is Signing Time.  We have been usinig this for a long time.  It does so many things.  It increases vocabulalry, literacy skills, teaches music, science, and most importantly gives your child a second language.  If you have children with special needs, giving them a way to communicate with their family is of absolute importance.  I would recommend this product to everybody.

Marla - Our favorite resource is the iPad.  Since we moved, we have relied on it heavily for access to new books through the iBooks app.  Abigail does independent math and reading work using some fabulous apps, and Charlotte and I work together on some toddler skill apps.

Looking for more favorite resources?  Check out the weekly link-up at Learning All the Time.

Favorite Resource This Week

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