Friday, October 19, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Concerns about Homeschooling

Most of us, before we start something new, have a concern or two.  Maybe we worry about a specific task which will be required of us.  Maybe we are afraid of failure.  Before we started homeschooling, there were some concerns, worries, or fears we had.  Today, we are sharing a few of these.

Today's question: Before you began homeschooling, what concerns or worries did you have?
AurieI was worried that I wouldn't be able to teach the girls everything they needed. Now, I know that I only need to teach one thing at a time, they don't need to know everything at once. I also realized that as they get into subjects that I'm not comfortable with, I can find someone who is and partner with them.

BethI worried would I be enough for my child? Would I be able to meet all his needs? What if I left something out? Occasionally it still bothers me; but usually this only happens when I start comparing our homeschool experience with somebody else's.

Dorie - Before we began homeschooling, we researched and planned, but I was still concerned about socialization.  Would my child(ren) be like other kids their age?  Now, I don't give it a second thought!  I am quite happy each of my children are not like kids their age.  Instead, my children are individuals who are developing their God given interests and talents which are being expressed in their own unique ways. 

Sam - I was terrified of math. I knew I would have to find a solution that would not include me knowing math, and I am thankful for Teaching Textbooks. I am good with the lower grades, but Algebra still scares me.

Did the idea of homeschooling scare you a little?  What were some of your concerns before you began?

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