Friday, October 25, 2013

Camping Weekend

Up until recently, I hadn't really let the girls get involved in anything outside of church and our homeschool co-op. It isn't that I didn't want them to get out, but was an issue of time, money, or some other obstacle. Finally, though, the girls joined American Heritage Girls. For those who are unfamiliar with this organization, it's an alternative to Girl Scouts. AHG is "dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country." (as quoted from their website)

This weekend is their annual big camp out.

Now, I haven't been camping since I was like 13. On top of that, I don't like the outdoors and it doesn't particularly like me either (I'm allergic to everything. Seriously. I need a bubble.). What a joy that I have a wonderful hubby who is happy to take the girls for me!

So, today I'm busy getting them ready for the big camp out. But what do I know about it? I had to ask several embarrassing questions last night at our weekly meeting. Thankfully, they leaders were well versed in camping (they should be, apparently they've been involved in boy scouts for years).

The girls are practically bouncing off the walls. They are so excited. Of course, half the excitement is all the new "stuff" they got out of the deal. New long johns (it's supposed to be in the low 30s at night), flashlights, a tent, and some other misc. necessities.

I'm glad they are getting this opportunity, though. It's not likely one hubby and I might have done otherwise. Over the weekend, they'll learn about camp, fire, and knife safety; do some crafts and cooking; tour the water treatment facility; and just have fun!

Have you taken your kids camping? Do they belong to any groups that may go?

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