Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting back in the Swing....

After Christmas and our vacation in January I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of school.

Sophie and I have been working on the alphabet, shapes, colors, painting and writing. We read a Bible Story in the morning and talk about the wonders of creation.

However, I keep thinking that I should be doing more. Teaching more. Talking more. 

The Apologia Live conference came at a perfect time for this tired momma!  Here are the Top Ten Tips that I came home with:

10. Remember the reason that you decided to homeschool. Put in in front of you, repeat it over and over, post it so you can see it.
9.   Be flexible. If the curriculum isn't working, get rid of it. If the schedule isn't working change it.
8.   Don't forget about your marriage in the midst of homeschool. Cultivate your relationship. Work at it. Make it a priority, even when you are exhausted.  You need to.
7.   Laugh. Seriously - on the days that are never ending, and the milk gets spilled, and the floors are a mess.....you need to laugh.
6.   Cultivate the wonder of God in your children. Everyday. They should never loose their awe of His works.
5.   Expect opposition. Stay clear minded and alert.
4.   A lack of encouragement can cause a child to lose heart. Encourage them. Love on them. Laugh with them.
3.   Set good boundaries. Children need to know what is expected of them.
2.   Truth is truth. Period.
1.   God didn't call you to homeschool to fail. He has given you every tool that is needed in this journey.

What lesson would you add to the list?

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