Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Reading - Programs

With the end of the traditional school year schedule, my children look forward to a lighter summer school schedule with more time for free reading.

Numerous reading programs exist.  We know of reading programs run by minor league baseball teams with free game tickets as a reward, amusement parks with free admission upon completion, and pizza places with free pizza as a prize.

However, our family's favorite reading program is run by our local public library.  It started as a way to encourage one struggling reader, but the library reading program has now become a family favorite. 

It is the one reading program my children always want to participate in. 

The library offers small tokens during each weekly library visit, a book after ten hours of reading, and a book bag after thirty hours of reading.  There are additional weekly prizes awarded from a drawing as well. 

And, though my children enjoy these rewards, I do believe their love for the program results more from the children's library staff who interact with the children by ooohing and aaahing over each child's reading accomplishments every time we visit the library.  It has been our experience that the staff of volunteers and paid workers encourage each and every child that participates tin the program, telling each child they are doing well.

This month, our family signed up for another summer of the library reading program.  I look forward to this season of reading and encouragement for each of my children.

What reading programs do your children enjoy?


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