Friday, June 15, 2012

Why We Love Handwriting Without Tears

We began homeschooling when my oldest son was going into third grade.  He couldn't wait to learn cursive handwriting.  I did a little bit of research into handwriting, but it was low on my list of things to worry about when we began  homeschooling.  I had heard Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) mentioned many times, so when I stumbled cross a workbook for third grade cursive at a used curriculum sale, I snapped it up.

HWT is simple, fun, and compatible with all learning styles.  It can be taught with as little or  as much parental involvement as a child desires (in my house that means one child who wants ZERO help and another who wants 100% of Mom's help).  HWT is especially good for children with motor delays or learning differences because it is simple, fun, and incorporates a broad, multi-sensory approach.  It does not have include an overwhelming amount of drilling.

I especially love the simple, fun and easy lessons.  They required little (if any) preparation on my part.  Handwriting is completed in 15 minutes or less and the children enjoy the lessons.  Frequently they ask for and complete more than a single lesson in a day.

My oldest son completed fifth grade this year, and finished the HWT program.  I was very pleased with his fifth grade HWT book - it was humorous, helpful and interesting for him.  He has very nice handwriting and has never complained about his time mastering it.  I am also very pleased with his neat, legible handwriting.

I also like HWT because it can be very inexpensive.  Many of their additional items can be replaced with items you may have at home, and I've had a great deal of luck finding many of them at used curriculum sales.  For three years, I purchased only the student workbook for my oldest child.  If I used them at all, I found teacher's books at different sales or bought them used online.  I enjoyed having the teachers manual especially for my youngest child in her first level of print and again in the first level of cursive.

The program is very well-rounded and is a fun, creative way to teach your child handwriting.  My daughter enjoys it so much, she has asked to continue handwriting lessons during summer break.  Of course, I said "yes."

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