Friday, April 26, 2013

How to End a School Year

It's the end! Well, almost.

You and your children have completed, or are about to complete, an entire school year. Looking back, it has been a long trail to walk, but you have done it, together.

Whether you feel like you are sailing across the finish line or limping with a few faithful friends helping you walk, you will finish and this calls for a special celebration.

Ten Ideas to Celebrate or Mark the End of a School Year
  1. Year End Presentations - Show family members and friends all your children have accomplished this year with a year end presentation.
  2. Plan a Picnic in the park, backyard, or living room.
  3. Serve a Special Dinner - Serve your child's favorite meal or go to their favorite restaurant to eat.
  4. Make a Special Dessert - When our oldest finished Kindergarten, I made a cake to look like Green Eggs and Ham to celebrate.
  5. Take A Trip - Go somewhere fun, like a baseball game or an amusement park.
  6. Spend the Day Outside at the beach, lake, or pool.
  7. Give a Special Memento or Gift to each child. Perhaps something that will remind them of the school year.
  8. Have a Party complete with balloons, cupcakes, and friends.
  9. Play A Round of Mini-Golf or Frisbee Golf.
  10. Do Something Daring - Try out a zip line or climbing wall.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to take the time to celebrate!

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