Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Mom's Rewards

Before motherhood, I had grand plans.  I was working on my doctorate and could not wait to finish so that I could become a professor and do amazing research.  I dreamed about being published in all of the big research journals, speaking at international conferences, writing books, and being considered an "expert" in my field.  Those were the rewards I wanted.

Then, I became a mom.  And my dreams and ideas about what is truly rewarding changed.

I get my rewards every day...

"I love you, Mommy"

Big hugs


Requests for cuddles

Valentine's cards made for "Mine Mommy"


The sound of laughter

The knowledge that this is God's plan for me right now

And those rewards are enough for me.  

Marla is a former special education teacher, current PhD student, university instructor, and stay-at-home mom of two little girls (ages 2 and 4).  She blogs about raising and teaching her children at Marla's Motherhood Musings and her family's experiences living in Zambia at Our Life in Lusaka.

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