Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beating the Homeschool Blues.....

Around here the weather has been lovely. Warm and sunny and completely un-March like.

It's been tough to concentrate on school when the girls want to be outside on the playground, and I want to be planting my garden, or getting rid of the cobwebs on the patio furniture, or finally cleaning my windows. Okay, that last one - not so much.
But you get the picture! It's so hard to concentrate on school when we {kids included!} are ready to be DONE.

Here are some fun ideas: 

* Call a local homeschool friend. See if you can get together and do a day of school together.

* Take a day off. In the grand scheme of things, is it really so bad to take one day off? Nope. It really isn't!!
* If you absolutely can not take an entire day off, take a half day. Please. It's worth it, I promise. 

* Do school outside! It's so lovely to be out in the fresh air and warm breezes! Tale a nature walk, study the clouds, race down the street...the possibilities are endless!
* Take an ice cream break. Talk about how ice cream is made and then visit your local ice cream parlor.

* Visit a gardening center and talk about the difference kinds of plants, trees, bushes...even fountains and fish. Generally you can find a helpful employee would will be happy to impart their knowledge.

* Hit the zoo, the art museum, the children's museum, the aquarium....you get the picture. Try to visit them now before the summer crowds arrive. Also, many schools schedule field trips towards the end of the school year. Beat the rush!
There are so many ways that you can have fun with school - and remember, one of the best things about homeschooling is that it can be flexible!

What can you have fun learning about today? 

Aurie Good is a pastor's wife, a "retired" youth minister, and probably the most relaxed mom that you'll ever meet!  She blogs at Our Good Life with quips about life as a stay at home mom to two girly toddlers, two wild & crazy dogs, and one cranky cat.  She is married to her best friend and consider the simple life that they've created absolute bliss!  They are currently fostering a lively two year old little girl who keeps them on their toes!

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