Monday, June 27, 2011

Alphabet Art

One major goal that most parents of preschool children have is for them to learn the letters of the alphabet.  Because I think that learning should be fun, I am using a variety of activities to teach the letter names and letter sounds to Abigail.  My next few posts will focus on letter activities.  One of my favorite things to do is art projects, so naturally, we do one (or several) art projects for each letter.  Here are some fun ideas for alphabet art projects; because Abigail and I love painting, most of them involve paint.  I have included photos of some of my favorite projects.  This list is by no means comprehensive; it is simply meant to give you some ideas.

A - paint with Acorns or Apples (use the objects instead of paintbrushes)
B - glue Beans, paint with Bananas, Bread, or a Ball

C - paint with Carrots or crumble and glue Cookies

D - glue on Dirt

E - paint with Eggs

F - Flower rubbing

G - glue on Grass

H - paint with Hands, make Handprints

I - paint with colored Ice

J - use Jello, Jelly, or Jam instead of paint

K- put on lipstick and Kiss the paper, paint with Kleenex

L - paint with Lemons or Limes, glue on Lettuce or Leaves

M - color with Markers, glue on Macaroni, paint with Mud

N - glue on Noodles or Nuts

O - paint with an Orange

P - Paint, rip and glue on Paper, color with Pencils

Q - paint with a Quarter or Q-tips, color Quietly

R - paint with Radishes

S - use Stamps or Stickers

 T - paint with a toy Truck or Train

U - paint or color Under the table

V - paint with a Volleyball or Vegetables

W - paint with Watermelon or colored Water

X - paint at the eXit to your house

Y - paint with a Yo-yo, glue on Yarn

Z - make Zebra stripes, create a Zoo animal collage, paint with a Zipper

When you have finished all 26 letters, you can make a book for your child with pictures of her artwork alongside a picture of the object used to create the art (ex. - the letter "A" next to an acorn) as a fun way to remind your child of sounds that each letter makes and of the fun she had learning the letters.  For more fun ideas about teaching the letters, please see my next post on July 11.

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