Monday, January 9, 2012

Homeschooling on Vacation

As I was preparing for our Christmas vacation, I debated whether we should take a break from homeschooling or if I needed to take preschool work with us.  My husband wanted us to do preschool every day and I worried that Abigail would miss out on learning from life experiences if we spent time doing preschool.  In the end, I decided to take some fun activities so that we could use them if we had time for preschool, but limited myself to one expandable folder.  Any materials we needed for doing preschool had to fit into the folder.  While it was hard to limit my preschool materials (I am accustomed to having a lot of stuff), I am so glad that I took learning activities.  As it turned out, homeschooling on vacation is good for my family.  We did a short lesson (about an hour) each morning.  Abigail thrives on routine and being on vacation interrupted our normal routines.  So, when we sat down to do preschool each day, she was excited!  Having the familiar routine of "doing school" while the rest of our day was different from normal helped her.  Additionally, it was wonderful to do preschool work with Daddy and grandparents around; Abigail was able to show them what she knows and they all participated in her learning.  Despite my fears, Abigail still had plenty of time for fun with our families; homeschooling did not reduce her real-world learning experiences.  Now that we have successfully done it once, I think that we will plan to homeschool each time that we go on vacation.

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