Monday, February 27, 2012

Studying Presidents, Elections, and U.S. Government

This week is party week! planning week! For the next few days, we will share some themed activities and ideas for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and spring.

Today, I have compiled a few activities and ideas for studying presidents, elections and the U.S.  government.

Every February we recognize, remember, and honor our Presidents. This year with an upcoming presidential election, we may focus a bit more on our past, current, and future Presidents in our homeschools.   Perhaps you will incorporate the election into your studies, or spend some time teaching your children about our government.

Are looking for a few resources?

Here are some of the resources we have used and loved:

Don't Know Much About the Presidents, by Kenneth C. Davis
Presidential Elections, by Syl Sobel
How the U.S. Government Works, by Syl Sobel
The U.S. Constitution and You, by Syl Sobel

The Complete Book of Presidents & States, Grades 4-6, American Education Publishing

Flash Cards/Trivia Game
U.S. Presidents, Trend Enterprises, Inc.
Brain Quest: Presidents (ages 9-12)

Election Day Activity Suggestions
  • Going to vote?  Take your child along.  We prepared our children by discussing what voting is and how the actual process works.  In our area, at the poll, a volunteer sitting alongside the booth announces your name as you enter, "Now voting, Dorie..." The children find this very exciting.  They are allowed in the booth as well, on the right side, where the vote button is NOT located.
  • At home, use a blank USA map, with state outlines, to color each state as the electoral votes and popular votes are tabulated and announced.

Read the original documents online
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the United States
Bill of Rights

Places to visit
Washington, DC (White House, National Archives, and much, much more)
Philadelphia, PA (Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Constitution Center)
Mt. Vernon, VA (home of our first president, George Washington)

Can't visit in person?  Perhaps an online tour like this one for Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, IL would be possible.

A few resources that I stumbled upon recently

Online worksheets and printables:
President's Day Theme Unit at ABC Teach
Online computer game:
Name that President and others at Primary Games

As I know this list is not exhaustive, what activity or resource would you recommend using to study presidents, elections, and government?
Feel free to include any applicable links in your comment.

Topic for tomorrow: St. Patrick's Day

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