Monday, June 6, 2011


Welcome to Growing Your Homeschool!

First, let me tell you how exciting it is to embark on this journey with these wonderful women. All of us our homeschooling at this point, though a couple ladies plan to put their children in school once they are of age. We’re a diverse group—from military to farmer to life in the big city. Some of us have older children, some so young we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of their education. We come from different background, different cultures, different opinions on everything from politics to religion, but we’re united under one common interest.

The education of our children.

This blog is aimed at parents wanting to participate in the education of their children, whether that be as all-encompassing as homeschool or as simple as getting them ready for the school years, even ideas for children who are in school but the parents may want to add a little something. So, pretty much, if you have children and you’re interested in their education on some level—this blog is for you!

The subjects discussed here are not limited to homeschool. Life, family, organization, craft ideas, recipes, and more will show up, I’m sure. We want to provide fun ideas, interesting how-tos, general opinions, great products, life experiences, and whatever else pops into our fascinating minds!

Here’s a quick peek into the setup of our blog:

Mondays: Ralene and Marla
Tuesdays: Shamberly and Auire
Wednesday: Jessica and Nessa
Thursdays: Sam and Heather
Saturdays: Tracy/Beth
(We alternate weeks, which is why there are two people listed by each day.)

What is “Seeds of Wisdom”? We are hoping that you, the reader, will send in your questions (you can email me at raleneburke at yahoo dot com). Each week, we’ll select one, and a few of us will weigh in with our responses—a panel, if you will. Discussion is important, we learn and grow as we discover the opinions and knowledge that others possess.

And who am I? Well, nobody really—but since you asked. My name is Ralene. I am a lover of Christ, a military wife, a homeschooling mama of 3, and an aspiring Christian suspense writer. Bored is not in my vocabulary!  I’m a horrible housekeeper, but a great encourager. You won’t typically find me outside, but rather curled up with a good book/movie.

My children are three of the biggest blessings in my life (next to Christ and my husband!). I love them to pieces. Our son will be a year old this month. We do homeschool, and our two girls, who are a year apart but might as well be twins, just started Kindergarten (at their request). We have a fun and exciting lineup for curriculum. Our learning style mostly falls in the category of Charlotte Mason. I don’t use one specific program for our school, but rather have chosen different ones for all our subjects. But you’ll hear more about that later!

Being a military family offers its own set of unique challenges. While it does allow me to stay home with the kids, it also means we move around a lot (4 places in 5 years), and it’s not always a guarantee that my husband is going to be around. He’s deployed twice since we’ve been married (though only once when we had kids), been on TDY countless times, and in his last unit, he traveled around the country training soldiers and was gone 2-3 weeks of every month. Yes, this life can be challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my husband and am so proud of him and his dedication to our country.

So, that’s me in a nutshell! Now it’s your turn—share a little something about yourself with us!

Shamberly is up on deck for tomorrow, check back in to learn more about her!

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