Monday, July 11, 2011

Active Alphabet Activities

In my last post, I provided ideas for using art to teach the letters of the alphabet.  While art is a great tool for teaching some children, it does not work for all young children (or parents).  Some children learn better from movement, so this post provides a few ideas for active ways to teach the letters and letter sounds.

Color Around the Room

Print alphabet posters and place them around the room.  Have your child start on one end of the room with you and give him a marker.  Say a letter or letter sound (or write it on a dry erase board for children who are still learning the letters).  As quickly as he can, your child needs to run to each poster and color in that letter.  You can make it more fun by setting a timer each time to see if he gets faster.

Bowling for Letters
Write one letter each on plastic soda bottles and place them in a line on the floor.  Give your child a ball and say a letter.  Your child's goal is to hit the soda bottle that has that letter.

Gather the Letters

Place alphabet flashcards on the floor or alphabet magnets on the refrigerator.  Have your child start at the other side of the room.  Tell him a letter and have him run to find the letter and bring it back to you.

Hunting for Letters
Hide letter flashcards around the room or the yard (similar to an Easter egg hunt) and have your child hunt for them.  When he returns, pull the letters out of his basket and have him tell you the letter.

This is just a small sample of the ways that you can make learning the letters fun for your active child.  My next post (the final post in this 3-part series) will include more fun alphabet and phonics activities for you and your child to enjoy together.
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