Thursday, July 7, 2011

Starting A New Year

We took about five weeks off for our break, it was mostly for me to do planning. We officially started back to school on July 5th. From our previous experiences, I recommend not jumping in full-schedule at first!

It is really hard to go from this:

to this:
It can be a bit of a drag, quite honestly.

We are easing into our school year with these steps~
  • School is downstairs, not in the classroom.
  • We are doing one week with only History and Science {plus leisure reading & phonics for K}.
  • We will add 1 or 2 subjects each week until we have a full school load.
  • We will  adjust the our schedule as needed.
  • I am not ringing any bells. School will start when all are awake and fed.
I used to just jump in and do it all from day one. Hopefully with this plan, we will be able to avoid homeschool burnout from setting in! 

How about you? What do you do to ease your family back into home education?
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