Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Homeschool for 2011-2012

Yes, it's that time of the year! As we homeschool year round, today is the first day of our new school year! I'm so excited!

See, during June, we were kind of easing into a homeschool schedule so my girls would get used to having school every day. We really only worked on Math and Phonics, with some devotions and manners lessons thrown in. This week, though, we rock on with a full schedule.

Both of our girls are in Kindergarten. Here's a peek at our homeschool day!

7 a.m.--Rise and Shine, followed by breakfast and some free time

8:30--Morning chore time

9:00--School bell rings (I'm considering a real bell...what do you think? hehehe...). We begin with group time (well, right now it's all group time, but this is in prep for the baby to join us in a year or so. Group time includes: Devo and prayer, Calendar time, and Sing and Rhyme time (we try to memorize a new song and rhyme each week).

9:20--Bible and Character Study time. We're starting the ABC Bible Memory Verses book, with one verse/week, corresponding with the letters. Yay! It's in prep for next year when we start the Charlotte Mason Bible Memory Verse schedule (I think). Character study for the first 8 weeks is the remaining lessons from Etiquette Factory.

9:40--Phonics: All About Spelling


10:10--Math: Math-U-See Primer (will be in Alpha in November)

10:30--Social Studies/Science: I bought 41 weeks of unit studies by Amanda Bennett about a week ago when they had this super sale on them. We'll be picking through those, as well as using some of the basics from Lesson Pathways.

11:00--Lunch and free time

1:00--Baby goes down for nap, we read for 30 mins. Some books will be based on our unit studies, others are chosen by interests, and then we have one big book that we read from

1:30--Rest time

3:00--Snack time/free play

4:00--Art/gym activities

5:00--Dinner prep/Dinner

6:30--Family time

7:00--My writing time begins

8:15--Bedtime routine for kids (including reading time)

Oh, and Saturdays are Fun Science Experiments with Daddy!

So, that's what a day in our life looks like. Or should look like. Or I want to look like. A distant dream?
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