Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Dollar Saved... Great Discounts Offered To Homeschoolers!

So, being fairly new to the world of homeschooling, I am learning all kinds of things as I go along, talk with other homeschoolers, and research… Recently, I stumbled upon some amazing information that I am SO excited to share ~ because maybe some of you out there, like me, are not aware of this: Did you know that many retailers, vendors, etc… offer homeschoolers the same discounts they offer to school teachers??!! Some even offer special programs strictly for homeschooled children as an incentive to work hard.
I had NO idea!!
I was so excited to learn this bit of information! I mean, as I’m sure we all know, buying books, curriculums, supplies, etc… can really add up over time, and while there are many resources that are free or, at least, inexpensive, such as libraries, sometimes, there are certain things, resources, etc… that you just need to own. That’s where many of these discounts come in. Don’t worry; I’m going to get to the list of discounts soon. First, I want to touch on the requirements of receiving such discounts.
Most of the vendors and retailers require that you first register as a homeschooler/educator in order to begin receiving the discounts and perks they choose to offer. While some do not require any proof that you are a homeschooler, most that I have seen do. In some states, you are required to register with the state as a homeschooling family, and are given “credentials” or a “license” so to speak in order to be able to legally home school. In those states, usually those certificates will serve as your proof. However, if you live in a state like I do which allows significant freedoms to homeschoolers, not requiring any formal testing, checking in, registering, etc… (they only require that school goes on at least a minimum number of days per year), you won’t have access to such “certificates” - or proof – of your homeschooling status.

If this is the case for you, then I have good news ~ you can still get proof! If you haven’t already, research homeschooling groups in your area. Many of them, especially if they have been established for a significant amount of time, will issue a type of “membership card” (usually upon request), which will serve as official verification of your homeschooling status, and as proof for the vendors and retailers. Once you have registered and provided your proof, you should be able to receive the “educator discounts” available! I have seen these save anywhere on average between 10% and 40%, though there are some places, such as amusement parks, that offer programs where you can get a free pass, or your students/children can earn their own free passes by participating in educational programs – often associated with reading an assigned number of books and such… It’s wonderful!
SO, I’ll stop rambling (for now) and get on with the part you’ve been waiting for: The retailers and vendors offering these amazing discounts and perks!!
In order to give credit where credit is due, I am going to link to the blogs where I actually found these wonderful resources of information. I will, in fact, create a post on here listing all of the discounts individually, and I promise that any more that I find, I will let you know ~ because, again, this is AWESOME!! But, in the meantime, I just cannot take credit for finding all of these fabulous discounts and such myself… Without further delay, the first site I stumbled upon which enlightened me to this fabulous world of discounts is The Frugal Girls blog. Secondly, while some of the discounts listed on the next site are duplicated from the first, there are a few different ones that are pretty significant! You can find these at The Homeschool Mom's site.

I know there are countless more resources out there both offering and listing discounts that could be beneficial, but these are some to get you started for now. I'll keep researching, and look forward to sharing my findings with you guys!! Happy Discount Shopping!! :o)

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