Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cooking with Toddlers

I am not a confident cook.  At all.

I wanted to make sure my girls were comfortable in the kitchen, so I added cooking to our homeschool curriculum.

I started with one of Sophe's favorite foods {blueberry muffins}.  We looked at the back of the box and she counted the number of eggs needed, and we talked about how to measure a liquid {water} and solid {butter}.

She learned how to crack eggs and break them into the bowl, how to add additional ingredients, how to stir and how to pour the batter out of the bowl.
We have made cut out cookies, a gingerbread train, muffins, cake, ice cream cone cupcakes, and {most recently} cake pops.
Bella started her cooking lessons this week and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute!
I love that my girls are learning a life skill and that I am learning right along with them.

I love that Sophie can read a basic recipe and knows the difference solids & liquids.

I love watching Sophie teach Bella to mix and stir.

I love that homeschooling gives me the flexibility to cook with my girls.

Do you have cooking in your homeschool curriculum?
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