Friday, November 11, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- Teaching About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away; many homeschooling moms are beginning to teach about this national holiday.  Today, we share with you what Thanksgiving activities we are doing in our homeschools.

We start lunch and dinner asking the girls what they are thankful for. This month I'll be recording their answers each time. In the past we've had a thanks jar {where we put slips of paper in} but this year we are going to have a thankful tree that the girls can actually put their "thanks" on.

We are still working on the basic stuff, the letter T, what turkeys are, and reading children's literature about Thanksgiving. We will learn the ASL signs for turkey, Happy Thanksgiving, thank you, and the sign for the letter t. This week the kids made turkeys creating the feather plumage with finger paint and thumprints.

We are studying the history of the holiday with books and hands on activities. However, our main focus is on giving thanks to the Lord for all His blessings. In the past we have used a tree with each leaf naming a blessing. I loved the visual reminder of our abundance of blessings! This year we are using a Thanks jar, writing on slips of paper the names of our blessings.  

Our curriculum is focused on American history especially this year, and we started studying the pilgrims just two weeks ago. I also keep a system of books and magazines to lay out monthy, so November included all our Thanksgiving-themed bo...oks. Several of the children's individual reading assignments are Thanksgiving-focused books, as well. I did the same thing for Halloween, and will do so for Advent and Christmas.

We will be starting our Thanksgiving lessons next week.  Each day, we are going to read several books about Thanksgiving (fiction and non-fiction books).  We are making a Thankful tree; each day, we add one or two things that Abigail is thankful for and then we pray a prayer of thanks for those things.  We are also making turkey handprint thank-you cards and giving them to various people who have had an impact on the girls' lives.  Additionally, I downloaded Thanksgiving preschool packs from a few of my favorite bloggers, as well as activities from DLTK Kids and ABCTeach; we will be working through those.

We're doing a Thankful tree (every morning we hang new leaves with stuff we're thankful for), and we're discussing thankfulness, wastefulness, and Thanksgiving traditions/history over the next three weeks.

We are studying Jamestown right now, and we also have picked up several books at the library. We will be sticking with our regular lessons, and reading the other books during our reading time outside of school.

How are you teaching about Thanksgiving in your homeschool?
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