Friday, May 4, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Measuring a Day and a Year

Although we spent each Friday in April evaluating our current school years, most of us are still finishing up our school year. 

Today, we are responding to two questions.
The first: What is the one thing (or few things) your children must finish before you feel as though they have completed a day of school?

Sam ~ School is finished at the Kelley house when we do all of our studies. We don't have lengthy seated work, and can finish in a few hours. I will allow math to be skipped in a pinch though. ;)

Marla ~ The one subject that we must cover is our bible lesson. Occasionally, that is all that we accomplish and I still feel like we had a productive day. Preferably, though, I like to make sure that we also do language arts, math, and a fun activity (art project or game) every day.

Jessica ~ Individual reading and Math (as well as phonics for my smaller pupils) are 'must-do's' for me - but my children wouldn't consider the day of school complete without history. We also work on science, handwriting, spelling, geography, literature and art - but not every day.

Tracy ~ Phonics and math complete our day. As long as we've completed at least one activity in each, I'm okay with calling it a day.

and... How long is your family's school year?

Marla ~ We homeschool year-round.

Sam ~ We do year-round as well.

Jessica ~ We schedule 36 weeks of school days in a calendar year. We are flexible about when those weeks take place. When we began homeschooling we set our year to our area schools. After three years we keep beginning sooner and ending earlier. We take breaks when we need to and work extra days when we feel like it.

Tracy ~ We homeschool year-round but have two distinct schedules. Our summer schedule is much less informal than the schedule we keep during the winter months, and I try to include subjects and activities we didn't have time for during the regular school year (art/nature study) as well as phonics and math.

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