Friday, May 18, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom --- End of Year Celebrations

This week, our writers answer the question, "How are you planning to celebrate the end of the school year? Does your family have a special tradition for the end of the school year?"

We school year-round, so we don't really do anything special to end the year. We will take two weeks off {that is the plan} and we will then start the next year. The new year is when we take our homeschool photos. :)

We school year-round and don't have any kind of celebration. However, I do change our schedule up and begin adding in lots of nature study. We are all looking forward to the summer schedule.

We celebrate the end of our school year between grades. We invite family and close friends, cook up simple refreshments and create displays. The children all choose something to recite, perform or give a talk about. We set out examples of work done over the year and display the books and units we have studied. I also make a slide show on the computer of snapshots from the year. It is not only great fun, but also a wonderful way to show friends and family how rich and full our homeschooling lifestyle is.

We aren't planning anything, since we are not taking the summer off. We'll have a lighter schedule, but right now Sophie loves doing school so we have decided to keep going!

We take a summer break from our normal school schedule. However, we do still work on some subjects over the summer, but it is not a full day of school. Every year at the beginning of June, we meet friends at a park and hike. It is a tradition that helps celebrate the end of an 'official' school year. One year, I made a green 
eggs and ham cake to help celebrate.

We actually are just starting back up with school after slowing down (but not completely stopping) schooling during our overseas move.  We plan to school year-round, though, so will  likely not have end-of-year celebrations, but instead 
celebrate accomplishments in learning as they happen.

How are you celebrating the end of the school year?

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