Friday, July 27, 2012

Crazy Quilts

Today, we are thrilled to welcome a guest post by Kim from Garden Tenders.  

There is nothing like a quilt to make you feel loved and comforted.  All the pieces of the colorful blanket loving fitted together; each stitch a labor of love.  Some quilts are arranged neatly with a set pattern but the ones I love the most are the crazy quilts.  They’re pieces of life, in all sorts of shapes, sizes , and colors that are only matched by a wildflower meadow patched and pieced by God.   Crazy quilts are fitted together with a hope and a prayer.  It reminds me of motherhood. 
No one ever said it would be easy, in fact I remember my own mother telling me it would be hard sometimes; but well worth the effort.  Nearly five years into my own career in Mommyville I can begin to see what she means.  Some days are lessons in patience and it’s only by God’s love that we seem to make it through and other days the pieces all have matching sides with no odd ball angles or slices taken out.  Those days make the other days a little easier to bear, so we piece on.
Part of the key for my family is to accept the crazy days as beautiful in themselves.  I know this can be easier said than done, but when I accomplish this we sure have better days.  I remind myself that God made valleys, craggy cliffs, winding rivers, and jagged peaks; when He was done He said it was all good.  Not just the fields of wildflowers and mountain lakes were called good, but everything was good.  Besides, even the wildflower fields have stones in them.
You need to stock your sewing kit with a few things as you piece this quilt of life together.  First, you need a strong support system.  You and your spouse need to be on the same page.  If you aren’t there, get there.  You need to agree on how you will educate and discipline your children.  If you both have similar goals in mind those crazy patterned, uneven days will fit together better.  Two working on the puzzle piece makes for light work.  There is nothing is worse than fighting over a piece of a puzzle and where it should fit in. When this happens, no one wins and the piece may never find a way to fit in. 
Secondly, you need faith.  You really need to have a reliance on God, not just sometimes, but all the time.  There is someone in charge and it doesn’t have to be you putting your finger in the cake.  Just like a cake that is constantly bumped and poked, your plans will fail when they are not based on something outside of your own visions.  As you piece this crazy quilt called life you need to remember that God is the pattern maker and He knew the piece you are fitting before it was crafted.  He never said it would be easy, for nothing worthwhile is come by easily.  He uses the difficult lessons to refine us.  While rejoicing may be difficult during those bad times, remembering that they serve some purpose helps us to keep going forward.  I find the purpose is generally revealed before too much time has passed.
In addition you must have a willingness to fail.  Well, you don’t really fail, you change.  You need to be adaptable.  One day all your quilt pieces will be straight and have identical sides and the next you may find that you need to change up and your methods of fitting the pieces together have to change.  Prayer helps more than you can imagine.  If nothing more than it’s God’s way of giving you quite time to listen for Him.  He hates competing for your attention between the TV, computer, the never ending to do list….  In my life I have learned that when I neglect listening to Him when he is trying to speak to me, that He MAKES me make the time.  It’s much better to listen early on than after we have fouled things up beyond easily mending the damage we caused, from not listening.
God enjoys the crazy quilts of life.  Take a deep breath and a few minutes to enjoy the one you have been given.  It really is beautiful. 
Happy tending gentle friends,

Kim is a wife, mom, friend, part of a homeschool family, garden tender, and a fur mommy.  She blogs at

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