Monday, July 23, 2012

Me Time?

Today, I am excited to share with you a guest post by Janet who shares her heart and adventures at Janet Rose.  She just recently returned from a mission trip to Alaska!  You can read about her adventures on her blog, but first we invite you to pull up a chair, and read over these words of wisdom she shares with us today...  

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He got up, went out,
and made His way to a deserted place. And He was praying there.
Simon and his companions went searching for Him.
They found Him and said, “Everyone’s looking for You!”
And He said to them, “Let’s go on to the neighboring villages
so that I may preach there too. This is why I have come.”
So He went into all of Galilee,
preaching in their synagogues and driving out demons. 
Mark 1:35-39

A conversation that I had last week with another homeschooling mom finally gave me the best answer to the most asked question I have received over the past 4 years of homeschooling... 
"How do you spend all day, every day, with your kids?"

Often following this question is a statement about needing "me time".  I have always just spoken from my heart that spending time with my kids is a joy and it is what God desires of me right now. 
I am then usually asked about when I have "me time".  I speak of having a wonderful support system of grandparents and friends who watch the boys time to time.  I do not feel a need for time away from my kids every day.  I actually really miss them when they are with someone else.

Now, though, thanks to one simple statement from my friend, I have a great answer to the question about being with my boys all day long, but I also have a new perspective on "me time"...
"The Bible doesn't mention anything about 'me time'." 

Not in the sense that we use that phrase, anyway. 
And, I realize that I have some changes to make.
But the news about Him spread even more,
and large crowds would come together to hear Him
and to be healed of their sicknesses.
Yet He often withdrew to deserted places and prayed.
Luke 5:15-16

Jesus set an amazing example for us in that, when He desired "me time", He spent it in prayer with His Father.  His down time had a purpose greater than that of putting up His feet and browsing FB, catching up on a TV show previously recorded on the DVR, or even reading a book from a favorite author. 

He went off by Himself to pray. 

I am convicted in epic proportions.  

Prayer is not the first item on my list of things to do when I am able to get away by myself.  Getting my nails done, maybe, but not giving my first minutes of free time to Jesus.
Oh, but wait.  It gets better.

He was often interrupted during His "me time"...and He willingly gave it up to teach and heal the people.

When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick. Matthew 14:13-14

How many mornings were my showers interrupted by a little voice calling from the other side of the curtain?  How many times do I long to not hear my name called during the few minutes I am getting dressed?  Will the day ever come when no one will be asking me questions while I am on the phone with a friend?  I could go on.  In having my boys with me all day long there are times I long for a few minutes to do something alone and probably run short on the compassion that I should feel for those who interrupt those few and far between minutes.    

God wants the first of the best of every thing, including my free time.  Consequently, when interrupted, I am to do as Jesus did and have compassion on those wanting to be with me and who need me.  In my calling as a wife, mother, and homeschooling parent, I have the greatest example ever by Jesus Himself on how to handle the demands from others on me and my time.  It is time to start following that example wholeheartedly.  Things are about to get even better around here, I think, and I could not be more excited! 

Janet Rose...I am a daughter of the King, wife of 10 years to Scott, and mom to Alex and Tim.  Life for me includes homeschooling, spending time with family, mission trips to AK, traveling whenever and wherever possible, being a youth leader at church, helping at Bible Memory Camp during the summer, and whatever else that comes along.  God has shown me that finding my identity first and foremost in being His child gives me all the energy, power, and comfort I need to handle the ups and downs in life.  Our God is an awesome God, indeed!

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