Friday, January 6, 2012

Returning to School After a Break

For many of us, this has been our first week back to homeschooling after a Christmas break.  Today, we share with you how each of us return to homeschooling after a break.

Keep it simple and don't dive back in all at once!

After a long break, we start back to our school routine on a predetermined day with a slower pace and ample time for review.

My family really thrives on routine - so everyone looks forward to getting back to school! It helps my gang to give a few days warning; a countdown to our regular life. We dive back in, but not like gang busters! It is helpful to have a three-quarters day, or a short week when we first begin. Our family had a nice break over Christmas, but it was actually only eight school days that we took off. I also find that it makes a difference NOT to go back until everything is ready. If I need one more day of break to have all the items lined out for the week, it's important to take it. A smooth transition back to routine is helped by all the ducks being in a row beforehand.

We love the routine of school, and my kids do ask about doing school all through vacation. Nevertheless, I like to ease back in. I usually tackle the essentials on our first week back (phonics and math) and add our extras on the following week (art, geography, etc.)

What are your tips for returning to schooling after a break?

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