Thursday, January 19, 2012

Incorporating Homeschool Into Daily Life

Teachable moments.  We hear that phrase a lot these days.  As a busy mom, I am always looking for moments that I can teach my children something new.  I want life to be about education and learning.  We teach our children so that they can experience new things and so that they can grow into wonderful human beings, fulfilling their utmost potential.  Every moment in life is about learning, whether most people realize it or not.  When we sit down with books, pencil, and paper, that is more formal learning.  But does the education stop once we walk away from the table? No, it doesn't have to. 

This week we asked our panel here at Growing Your Homeschool,

" What are some spontaneous or impromptu ways you have incorporated homeschool in your daily life?"

Marla- I have Abigail look for the correct terminal (letters A-D) when we pick up Daddy from the airport.

Ralene- Grocery store: comparing prices and talking about nutrition; Cooking/Baking: life skills, fractions.

Dorie- We have had a few impromptu history lessons at the flea market - explaining what this or that is and how people used it. (Specifically it was a free standing radio cabinet complete with LP record player and milk bottles in carriers.)

Jessica- Homeschool accidentally happens often when we are working on our farm. One of the children will show extra interest in something my husband is doing, and he really enjoys explaining it and showing them how it works. The next thing you know, a section of your vegetable garden is hand-sown to wheat (true story!).

Aurie- While traveling we have worked on number recognition {exits, room numbers, etc} and finding letters on road signs. We also counted quite a bit while at the theme parks.

What are some "teachable moments" you have encountered in your daily homeschool life?

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