Friday, January 27, 2012

Educating Ourselves

This week we asked the bloggers here at Growing Your Homeschool,

"What are some ways you increase your knowledge and develop your potential as a homeschool mom through educational means or otherwise?"

Tracy- "I'm reading the Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wise-Bauer and tackling her reading list of "great books." She gives a terrific three-step reading process for each genre and then provides a list of books within each genre that is organized chronologically. The idea is to understand the history of the period as well as the famous people living at the time a novel was written. It's a project of self-education, and I'm loving it!"

Jessica- "I have found it to be very beneficial to understand different learning styles. Reading about methods of learning and how to facilitate them for my children has been great for our homeschool. One book I read that stands out was Discover Your Child's Learning Style: Children Learn in Unique Ways - Here's the Key to Every Child's Learning Success.

Ralene- "My library has a wide selection of educational resources for teachers and homeschoolers. When my kids check out books, so do I. :)"

Aurie- "I read. A lot. All the time. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying How to Have a H.E.A.R.T for your Kids - wonderful insights for this momma! I also read blogs and Google Search is a wonderful resource when I'm looking for a specific topic."

Dorie- "Reading about homeschooling, methods of education, history, etc. is definitely one way I learn. Currently, I am reading The Seven Laws of the Learner. After this, I hope to read The Seven Laws of Teaching. Another way I learn is by attending lectures or workshops, or listening to them when I cannot attend. Last year, I attended a lecture that helped me learn more about how to teach active boys."

Beth- " I read books on parenting. I have also learned American Sign Language with my children. I love to learn and endeavor to learn about whatever might help us all in this homeschooling endeavor. One new project I have in mind is to learn about all the different types of trees in the community we live in."

Delena- "Temperament! If you know your child's (uh, this works great for the spouse, too!) temperament, it's easier to understand why they act the way they do, like the things they do, and learn the way they do. The Temperament God Gave You is a really great book.

What are some ways you have found to increase your education and poetential as a homeschool mom?

(NOTE-The listing of books above are for informational purposes only and not to be considered reviews.)

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