Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Journey

Homeschooling is such a journey, each of our family’s journeys look different. In my journey (year 3) I am finally learning to stop looking around me.

I am letting go of so many things that I clung to in the first two years.

I wanted to set up the perfect little classroom, that little place that separated our real home life from school. The pretty workbooks lined in a row just like my favorite public school teacher. Our little public school at home.

Today, I still line things neatly, because I thrive on order; we use some classroom items, like a dry erase board, because we’re visual learners, but other than that we are moving very far from the public school image.

Sam's Noggin

School has now spilled into every part of our life, or life has consumed our school. Not sure which, but I like it.

Literature now takes the spot of workbooks, drawings replace any type of busywork, Scripture memorization is our number one priority and continues into the evenings.

Above all, I am no longer entrusting our homeschool to the ideas of others, but am prayerfully looking for what God would have our home and school to become.

This is our journey, our life, our walk.

We can’t cookie cutter our life into anyone else’s; we shouldn’t want to.

Cut your own path through this homeschooling journey, you don’t have to do everything right to give it your all. Even when you mess up, I promise your children will be fine. 

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