Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Yesterday, we shared ideas for studying presidents, elections, and government. Today, the topic is St. Patrick’s Day.

Before teaching my children about St. Patrick, I knew relatively nothing.  I knew he had something to do with Ireland, lots of people decorated with shamrocks, and some celebrated the day with green drinks.  That about summed up my knowledge. 
Then, a few years ago, I decided to teach my children about the man behind the holiday, St. Patrick.  The Story of Saint Patrick, by James A. Janda, offered us a fascinating introduction to his life.  We were intrigued by his life and experiences. 

This is just one way to incorporate St. Patrick's Day into our homeschools.  Another approach would be to learn about Ireland, its history and culture, or perhaps read about the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle.

Or, perhaps you would rather celebrating the day with a few fun activities, maybe include...

Printable Worksheets
St. Patrick's Day Printables at about.com

Shamrock craft ideas for youngsters
"Tie-dye Shamrocks" from coffee filters at Kaboose
Potato Stamp Shamrocks at Family Fun

Rainbow craft ideas for youngsters
"Handprint Rainbow" at Enchanted Learning (use construction paper or paint)
"Jell-O Scented Rainbow" at Making Learning Fun

Fun food ideas
Irish Soda Bread (traditional)
Irish Soda Bread with raisins
green fruits - kiwi, limes
green vegetables - cucumbers, celery, brocolli, lettuce, peppers
green dessert foods - pistachio pudding, mint flavored ice cream, key lime pie
"Pot o' Gold Cupcakes" at Mega Crafty
Party ideas
"Pot of Gold Party" at education.com

There are numerous ways to learn about and celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and this short list is just a start.  We would love to read about your plans for studying or celebrating the day.  Feel free to include any applicable links in your comment.

Topic for tomorrow: spring

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