Monday, February 20, 2012

We Don't Need Fancy Materials

Every time that I go to the store, I find some expensive materials that I would love to have for our homeschool.  There are so many cool curriculums, math manipulatives, computer programs, books, etc.  I would love to have them all!  However, purchasing every cool homeschooling material I see is just not practical!

My family is currently preparing to move to Africa for two years.  Due to the high cost of shipping items overseas, we can only take what we can fit in our suitcases.  That means that I get one suitcase for homeschooling materials for the next year (until we return for Christmas and I can stock up again).  Initially, the thought of having such limited space for teaching materials terrified me.  How could I possibly adequately teach my children without a ton of materials?

Then, I realized that I don't need much to teach.  In fact, on a daily basis, we don't use many materials.  Most days, we use construction paper, markers, a dry erase board, books, and math manipulatives (which are often snack foods or small toys).  

While the thought of having a lot of cool materials is appealing, great homeschooling does not require it.  A quality homeschool is created through hard work, dedication, and love.

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