Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- What Our Children Don't Like

While we believe that homeschooling is wonderful, one of our goals is to be completely honest about homeschooling.  We do not want to avoid the negatives or let people believe that it is wonderful all of the time.  This week, we share with you the things that our children dislike about being homeschooled.

This was apparently a hard question for my children to answer... The oldest asked 'Can I get back to you on that one?' He has yet to really respond. The youngest asked 'What does that mean?' To which I went through an explanation of homeschooling. He laughed, and said, 'I know the word homeschool, but what's the other word mean?' 'Dislike?' I asked. 'Yeah,' he answered. 'Not liking something. So, what do you not like about being homeschooled?' I asked again. He said, 'Nothing, I like it all!' Our daughters simply gave me a funny look and said there was nothing they disliked. For me, these responses were sweet to hear.

Sometimes one of my sons will make mention of missing the playground equipment at recess...quickly followed by explaining that they don't miss it enough to trade back. There are some thing about the institutional experience that I can never duplicate, and I'm sorry they won't experience - but not enough to change what we are doing at the moment.

Abigail has never been to school, but she knows that almost all of her friends go to preschool.  She dislikes being different and does not want to miss out on something that her friends are doing.  She also dislikes that her preschool work sometimes prevents her from playing when she would rather be playing than working (especially when she has to do challenging tasks that are not fun).  Yesterday, she told me that she wants to go to preschool so that she can "play outside" on the playground.

There are a few friends my daughter made that she misses. She also misses lice checks. (She found it!) No one else seems to miss anything. Score one for mom!

What do your children dislike about being homeschooled?
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