Friday, October 14, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- Fall Activities

Fall is here!  It's the time for cooler weather, pumpkins, scarecrows, and hay rack rides.  Today, we answer the question "What fall activities do you have planned to do with your children (either as part of your homeschool curriculum or just as a family activity)?"

We will be taking a train ride to visit a pumkin patch, making apple turkeys, painting handprint trees and dipping acorns in glitter to make some fun fall decorations!

We do a lot of stuff with Pumpkins! For the last couple of years, we have gone to this outdoor market that has a huge pumpkin patch behind it, and we choose a giant pumpkin. I actually carved one this morning and we roasted the seeds. We read books about Pumpkins and I talk about Jesus, making the connection between what He does in our hearts and what happens when a pumpkin is carved and all the yucky stuff is removed.
We love fall activities, especially apple picking, camp fires, hiking, jumping in leaves, corn mazes, decorating pumpkins, and eating fall treats made from fresh apples or pumpkin.

We will visit a pumpkin patch and made a fall bulletin board. I have several crafts planned as well, including baking pumpkin bread and cookies. We are farmers, so we also help with fall harvest!

We have a lot of fall fun planned!  We are visiting three pumpkin patches, dissecting pumpkins, counting pumpkin seeds and acorns, doing fall-themed alphabet activities, and reading books about pumpkins.  We are also baking pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pie and doing numerous fall-themed art projects.

We usually try to find a pumpkin patch, and I take photos of the kids and our family. The colors of this season are too beautiful not to capture. We will also bake, as anything pumpkin is delicious. We also invite our church family over for a chili dinner, where everyone brings their own, and they all get mixed into a giant pot that heats on a fire outside. We also use the fire for hot dogs and marshmallows. The house and yard are filled with love and smiles.

What fall-themed activities are you planning?

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