Thursday, October 20, 2011

Try Something New

You decided to homeschool, studied up on all of the methods, chose one and went running with it. You should be at least a few weeks into school by now.

How is it going?

Is it everything you dreamed homeschool would be? Or do you need to make some adjustments?

For us, we are not using a single curriculum we started with. We aren’t even using the same schedule! I went into this homeschooling journey 3 years ago believing we were traditional homeschoolers, with workbooks and all of that jazz, with an eclectic method for choosing that curriculum.

What I have discovered however, is that we are very much Ruth Beechick-Charlotte Mason type learners, and we adore living books.

I knew we were not going to be happy with the curriculum we were using for the year, we would learn of course, but we wouldn’t enjoy it. I am convinced that when you find the method for you, homeschool will be enjoyable!

We dropped everything, and started Trail Guide to Learning by Geography Matters, which I was blessed to be able to review. {Just ask, it never hurts!}

The fit for us is perfect!

This literature-based curriculum covers everything except math.

Oh yeah, we threw the math out the window as well!

We are using Life of Fred now, and I can’t believe the kids now love math! It is so different from anything I have ever seen in a math curriculum, which is a great thing!

These changes were not even on my radar, but they work for us!

If you don’t have new books in the budget, ask around. What isn’t working with a friend may be just what you need, see if you can borrow curriculum someone else isn’t using right now.

Are you are struggling through school? Maybe you need to take a step back and try something completely different. You never know what might work for you!
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