Monday, October 24, 2011

She Is Paying Attention!

I spend a lot of time preparing lessons and teaching Abigail, but I often don't know if she is absorbing any of it.  There are a lot of days when I think she might have learned nothing.  And then, she will surprise me.  It turns out that she really is paying attention, even when she does not show it.  Recently, she has demonstrated her knowledge of concepts outside of our homeschool.  

When we went to the aquarium last month, she yelled "Mommy, it's a school of fish!".  (Yes, my 3-year-old does know that a group of fish is called a "school"!)

At the zoo last month, she saw the bald eagle and told my husband that it was a "United States eagle."

She opened her bible the other day and began "reading" about John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.

She wanted to spell "octopus" with the refrigerator letter magnets and we overheard her sounding out the word.  She quickly figured out that it starts with the letter "o".

A few days after we concluded our unit on bears, she told my husband that bears do not like to be around people.

I have witnessed her counting and making patterns with her toys,

Last week, I overheard her reciting John 3:16 while she played.

It seems like every day, Abigail surprises me by demonstrating her knowledge.  It is so wonderful to know that (even when she does not act like it) she is paying attention in preschool! 

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