Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom--Favorite Subjects to Teach

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week just flew by in a whirl of math, phonics, and moon madness (our unit study was on the moon). We had a lot of great posts this week, if you missed one, check it out! Now it's time for some more seeds of wisdom.

Question: What is your favorite subject to teach?


I always have the most fun teaching my kids about God. From devos to Scripture memorization to studies on godly characteristics, I enjoy seeing them understand (and demonstrate) what we learn. If nothing else gets done in a day, this subject is always covered.


History! I never liked it in public school, but now I am learning so much. I love the addition of our wall timeline this year. I just may be a visual learner after all. Our kids love it too...


Science. I never really enjoyed Science as a student, but I am loving it now! We have recently been doing short unit studies on animals and I am learning so much! We have also planted flowers, made ice cubes, observed the weather, etc. and we are looking forward to having our own butterfly farm next month. Abigail and I are both having a great time with our Science units!


Believe it or not, cooking! I am having SO much fun teaching Sophie and Bella how to mix ingredients, break eggs, measure flour and butter - it's a lot of fun. It also helps that they enjoy it as well!


My kids are young, so we haven't tackled much more than phonics and math, a little nature study, and a little art/music. But, in general, I love teaching them about God—in every subject, not just in Bible. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to show the connections between God and all the rest of His universe, every aspect of it.


My favorite subject to teach is reading. Reading is such an important skill. It opens up a whole world of learning and adventure for the child. That is actually our focus for the year, to make reading a priority. (P.S. It was a little hard for me to decide.....I like what Tracy said too!)

Aw, the memories we create! What subjects do you like to teach?

Remember, if you have any questions you'd like us to answer, just leave them in the comments section!
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