Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Peek Into Our Worlds

Sometimes we just want to see how the rest of the world does it.

Everyone is different. So, of course, everyone's homeschool area is different. Some people have a whole room to dedicate to school, others do not and use the kitchen table (some even prefer to), still more trade places depending on the moods of everyone. It's interesting to see what other people come up with for storage space, wall hangings, etc.

And now we're going to share with you!

With 13 windows and 3 doors in our school room, wall space is a luxury. Most of it is filled with book shelves. For the remaining portion, I hung literature themed art.


In my kitchen, I have a small piece of clothesline hung up on the wall with two nails, and clothespins attached to display artwork. :) Displaying their artwork says so many things to your children's little hearts.


We converted our playroom into a classroom last December. It is a wonderful space!

Ralene was going to share her photos, but her homeschool room is currently "under construction" as they just got some new furniture. :)

What about your rooms? If you have a link to share, we want to see it!
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