Friday, August 26, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom--Hardest Subject

It's Friday again! Praise the Lord for the wonders of a weekend to come. Because of God's grace alone, we made it through another week of homeschooling...and to another Seeds of Wisdom post.

Question: What is the hardest subject for you to teach?


Math is usually the hardest for me, but sometimes ends up being the most fun. I had a great teacher in college that taught all my educational mathematics classes. She taught us if we knew the simplicity of any formula, we could take that and solve many problems. I am trying to remember that as I begin this homeschool year, and keep things simple. You can really take that concept and apply that to many subjects.


Math has been, but so far we are all enjoying Life of Fred. Our oldest son has read through the elementary book just for fun at bedtime. I am sure he learned something new!


Bible study. I love teaching Abigail about God and am constantly amazed by her love of God. However, when it comes to teaching her about God, I always feel inadequate. I always feel like I don't really know what I am doing and that I am doing a poor job of teaching her. I don't feel that way with any other subject, but teaching Abigail about God makes me doubt my teaching abilities.


Writing. I am right handed, and Sophie is left handed. I never thought it would be a challange until I tried showing her how to hold a crayon/pencil and how to write. Wow!!


Math is definitely the hardest. It's not my strong point, so I lack the confidence to make the adjustments I would readily make in other subjects. I'm often afraid that if I wander too far off the beaten path, I'll miss teaching something important. So slowing down, changing approach, or switching curriculum are all very intimidating decisions.


For me, music (performance) is the hardest subject. I cannot clap on beat, even when shown. Nor can I sing on key. Thankfully, my husband, a drummer, can teach our children rhythm and how to keep a beat. The singing, well, we are blessed with a some musically gifted moms in our local area who graciously teach our children to sing.


So far, the hardest has been phonics. While the girls learned their letters and the various sounds quickly, the rest of it has been a challenge on different points. I think it'll just take a lot of patience on my part to understand they may not get everything right away.

What about you? Which subject do you find the most difficult to teach?

Be sure to join us next week. It's the 5th week of the month, and we're going to party! We've got some great giveaways, so exciting posts, and all around good fun!
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