Friday, April 20, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Making Changes

Last week, we shared "our best of times, worst of times" moments. Today we are talking change. What is something you plan to change for your next homeschooling year?

Jessica - We will be changing our language arts and possibly our math programs for next year. I love the language arts we have been using, but my two sons feel very differently about it. We need something with a tighter structure, less creative writing and more disciplined grammar work. We have all liked the math we have been using but I feel we could find a better fit and I would like to find something that has a meatier self-guided bent for my oldest son. We are also considering taking a much shorter summer break and moving closer to schooling 'year round' so that we can take shorter breaks when we need and want to. This would be especially helpful during our busiest times on the farm (planting and harvest), through the holidays, or when the opportunity for a trip pops up.

Ralene - My girls will be in first grade next year. We will be adding new subjects like science, geography, and character study to our curriculum. I look forward to using Confessions of a Homeschooler's Expedition Earth series, and some of Amanda Bennett's Download'N'Go unit studies.

Tracy - We will be beginning Tapestry of Grace next year, which means I'll be experimenting a lot with our schedule and am hoping to find a balance between structured and less-structured learning.

Marla - This summer, we will be adding our first purchased curriculum to our homeschool routine. Abigail will be starting Horizons kindergarten math. I love creating my own curriculum and it has been great for us so far, but I think Abigail will really benefit from the addition of Horizons.

Sam - This coming year I plan to change my mindset. In much the same way I had to cement in my head that homeschooling was permanent for us, the third time around, I am doing the same thing with curriculum. We now know what works and doesn't work for us. There will be no shopping for better. We love what we use for the younger kids, and our oldest has also found his niche. Aside from reviews I will be doing, all curriculum decisions have been made, and are solid.

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