Monday, April 23, 2012

Too Much Teacher, Not Enough Mother?

I LOVE watching my girls learn!  I think seeing those little lightbulbs going off in their brains is one of the coolest aspects of motherhood!  I am SO glad that I get to be my girls' teacher!

However, sometimes I wonder if homeschooling causes me to miss out on motherhood.  
Sometimes, I think that I would be a better mother if I let someone else worry about teaching my girls.
Sometimes, I am so busy trying to ensure that my girls get fabulous learning experiences that I forget to just spend time cuddling with them and playing with them  
Sometimes, I spend too much time and energy trying to ensure that my girls learn as much as possible from our experiences instead of just letting them (or me) enjoy the experiences.

When we go to the zoo, we spend several days before the trip talking about animals and after our return home, we do writing, art, and reading projects about the animals we saw.  Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to just take a trip to the zoo without doing extra learning related to the outing.

When we see a bug outside that piques their interest, we observe the bug, write about it in our Science journals, and often look for more information on the internet.  Sometimes, I wonder if my children would learn just as much and enjoy themselves more if I just let them observe the bugs on their own.

Much of my day is spent ensuring that everything we do leads to quality learning for my girls.

While I love that they are learning, I am beginning to worry that I am becomin more of a teacher and less  of a mother.  My first instinct when I see my girls enjoying something is to figure out how to incorporate it into learning.  Am I missing out on enjoying motherhood and being a good mother because I am too worried about teaching?  Am I forgetting about developing "the whole child" because I am so focused on developing their minds?  

Does anyone else have these thoughts/concerns?

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