Monday, April 30, 2012

We Love to Color

I don't know about most homeschool moms, but I would have to say that the thing we use most in this house is our art supplies. Seriously. If I would let my girls loose in the school room with access to all of our art supplies, I would never see them! Ever! I probably wouldn't even be able to find them in the eventual mess they would make.

But, oh, how they would love it!

I bought 24 boxes of the Crayola 24 crayons packs, thinking I would give both of my girls a pack at the beginning of each month. Boy, was I wrong! It's only been 8 months and we're already out. All 3 of my kids love to color.

In addition to buying several coloring books, I've bought boxes of plain white paper--partially because I use a lot of paper between homeschool, couponing, and writing; but also because the girls love to draw their own pictures.

Lately, though, I've been printing some fun pictures off of different websites for them to use, some even directly related to our homeschool subjects. Here are a few great websites:

Bible Printables--this website has tons of great pictures related to about every story in the Bible. For our Bible memorization studies next year, I work in at least one of these pictures into every week.

Disney Coloring Pages--Like most kids, my children love Disney. They get so excited when I whip out a Tangled picture.

Sesame Street Printables--My kids just recently discovered Sesame Street on Netflix. They fell in love with that show, just like I did when I was a kid. How cool is it that Sesame Street has lasted some 40 years?

Alphabet Coloring Pages--We haven't used these yet, but I intend to next year. They are a little more intricate, great for colored pencils or markers.

Precious Moments Pages--So, these are purely for fun. I loved Precious Moments when I was growing up, and these pictures are too cute!

If you like art and coloring as much as we do, I hope you enjoy these extra coloring pages!

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