Monday, April 9, 2012

The Unintended Curriculum

When I was teaching in the public schools, there was a lot of talk about the "unintended curriculum" (the things that we don't actually teach children, but they learn from us anyway).  Recently, I have been thinking about the "unintended curriculum" in our home.  I have been wondering what my girls are really learning from me every day (both in our homeschool and in our daily lives).  I wonder:

Are they learning that God wants us to help others.  Do the meals we make for our friends who have babies and the letters we write to the children we sponsor through Compassion International teach them about serving others?
Are they learning that caffeine is a requirement for moms to function?  Does my need for multiple cups of coffee during our homeschool lessons teach them that caffeine is a good thing (instead of a drug that I really need to give up)?

Are they learning that reading is a lifetime skill.  Does seeing my husband and I read make reading more appealing to them?

Are they learning to be good wives and mothers?  Does helping me around the house with cooking and cleaning teach them how to manage their households in the future?

Are they learning about the importance of family?  Do family dinners and family outings show them that family is important?

Are they learning that I am too busy (with cooking, cleaning, dissertation work, emails, etc.) for them?

Are they learning that I love them?

What am I really teaching my girls every day?

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