Friday, April 27, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - The Children's Favorite Part

You've read our responses to a few evaluating the school year questions, today you will be treated to our children's responses. We are asking our children: What was your favorite part of the current school year?

Tracy ~
‎3 yr. old: "Hmmm. Let me see...Doing school on the computer." [our free trial of Reading Eggs]
‎5 yr. old: "Math!" (And I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy that made me, since math has definitely been our most challenging subject this year.)

Sam ~
Christian (14): Listening to mom read the stories from Trail Guide To Learning.
Hannah (12): Reading and Copywork with Trail Guide To Learning.
Noah (9): Drawing stories from Daniel Boone.
Emma (7): Doing the activities from Trail Guide To Learning.
Evan (5): Math.
Leah (4): Daniel Boone

Marla ~
Abigail: "when we counted and then got treats"

Ralene ~
Alana: "Playing art!"
Kyra: "My favorite part was when we were watching our math shows." (I'm not sure if she meant the Math-U-See teaching videos, or the LeapFrog videos.)

Jessica ~
‎1st grader: "I like math, phonics new learning, space, learning about the center of the Earth...and I like learning about plants and nature. Subtraction and telling time were the best."
‎3rd grader: "Read-out-louds are my favorite; they are so fun.  Johnny Tremain and The Journeyman were some I really liked listening to. Also I didn't know that sound can't travel in space - that's amazing."
‎5th Grader: "My favorite part is the family time; there is really a difference from regular school. I like being able to be with my family so much instead of just part of the evenings. I love being able to play with my brother. As far what we've studied, I would say the read-out-loud books as well. It's so fun to eat breakfast while your mother reads to you. I've loved my individual reading assignments this year, too, like Om-Kas-Toe because I was fascinated to learn how Indians lived. You can weave that into your play time by making games out of what you have learned."

Dorie ~
7th grader: visiting the science museum
5th grader: reading historically set books, particularly the ones from Daughters of Faith Series 
3rd grader: reading and studying the Bible
Preschooler: playing alphabet memory and reading My Very First Encyclopedia with Winnie the Pooh and Friends: Nature
(a book given to us by a fellow homeschooling mom)

What was your child's (or children's) favorite part of the school year? 

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