Friday, April 6, 2012

Seeds of Wisdom - Learning Along with Our Children

As we approach the end of another school year, it is a great time to evaluate our academic years. Each Friday, during the month of April, we will share a little about our current homeschooling years.

Today, we are discussing:
What is something interesting you learned while teaching your children this school year? 

Ralene - I learned that a child is willing to learn anything as long as you put it to music or in a game. :)

Tracy - I've learned just how much a child can learn! I have to constantly remind myself not to put limits on what I think they are capable of because they are always surprising me.

Sam - This year I have learned to stick with what I love, and not question what works for us. I'm in the process of unsubscribing to a lot of companies that only want to sell me things, instead of helping me as a homeschooler.

Jessica - I have learned so much about American History this year! It has reaffirmed many of my personal views and reignited the passionate side of my patriotism. It is amazing that a story you already know can be so fresh and invigorating - no wonder we all like to read our favorite books or watch our favorite movies over again. There were so many details about the American Revolution that I had forgotten or never really understood before our studies this year.

Marla - I have learned a lot of cool facts about animals during our animal studies. It is so cool that teaching your child can help you learn too!

Dorie - Teaching our oldest informal logic has taught me a lot about how people communicate and draw conclusions.  {And, I thought it was going to be a dry subject that I would have to feign interest in!}

And, now we'd love to hear from you...
What is something interesting you learned while teaching your children this school year?  It could be a historical fact, way to teach, something about child development, or anything new-to-you. 

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