Friday, December 2, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom --- Busy Day Dinners

This time of year, families are busy and household responsibilities (such as homecooked meals) often get neglected. Today, we share our  favorite busy-day recipes.  
My crockpot is my best friend on busy days! Here is a link to an awesome mac & cheese recipe. I also have a taco chicken that is wonderful.
During these busy days, my favorite kitchen appliance is the crock pot. I use it to make soups, meats, and one-pot meals. One of our favorite meals from the crock pot is chili.   Here is a link to our family's chili recipe


For an easy hot meal, I fall back on baked potatoes. My children love them and they are so easy. If I know the day is going to be packed, I like to put them in the crockpot the night before (no foil necessary!). My other favorite busy-day hot meal is pasta. We buy whole grain noodles that are high in protein and fiber, so it is filling and nutritious. I just cook the pasta and set bowls of different toppings on the table (olive oil, red sauce, meats or veggies on hand, cheese). I also like to keep 'emergency' frozen casseroles or leftovers around for moments when calling for pizza sounds like a good idea...then I can whip something out of the freezer instead with very little effort!

Like Aurie and Dorie, I LOVE the crockpot for busy day dinners.  I love the blog A Year of Slow Cooking .  My favorite recipes are crockpot lasagna and chicken parmesan.  We also love crockpot chili and taco soup on busy days.


My favorite comfort food that is easy has to be roast in the crockpot. I take a chuck roast, brown in it in EVVO, and then toss the veggies in to release some of their juices. I throw everything in the crockpot with beef broth and let it make it's magic. I use some of the juices to make homemade gravy, and serve with mashed potatoes and fresh, homemade bread. Yum!


I love this recipe for taco chicken bowls. It makes several meals and fixes several different ways. I usually make the bowls on a Sunday; then later in the week we have tacos and nachos with the left overs. Plus, use different kinds of salsa for a slightly different flavor each time. So fun! 
 What are your favorite busy day dinner ideas?
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