Friday, December 23, 2011

Seeds of Wisdom--Christmas Eve Traditions

Does your family have a Christmas Eve tradition each year?


For Christmas Eve, we always attend church service. This year, one of our daughters is singing the solo part for the children's choir song.


We also spend Christmas Eve in church. Often the children receive special gifts (like a tie or hair ribbon) to wear to the services, which they get to open before we leave. Afterwards, we like to eat at our favorite chinese take-out restaurant, but we actually sit and eat it there. Finally, we head home to set out cookies and hang stockings.


We celebrate by having dinner with my in-laws, as well as my husband's aunt, uncle, and cousin. After dinner, we open gifts and stockings before heading to bed.


We travel to Ken's grandparents and exchange gifts. Then we hurry home to get the girls ready for bed, and Ken over to church for the Christmas Eve service. This year I'm hoping we'll all make the service!!


Every year we make cookies and decorate them. The kids exchange their gift exchange gifts, and we watch Christmas movies. Rick and I always watch "It's A Wonderful Life" while we wait for the kids to go to sleep. We don't do Santa, but we always wait to bring the presents out.

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